Saturday, February 25, 2012


Egor from Russia has been sending me some really good ideas for scripts lately. Last week he sent a request for a script that would 'sort by size'. I immediately slapped my forehead and wondered how I didn't think of that.

Here was his request illustration:

After goofing around a little, I thought, why settle for just positioning?
Let's make something that allows you to sort a collection of objects ALONG any attribute, BY any attribute.
 Thus organize was born. Below are a few test runs to get your juices flowing. Oh, and I added random distribution too.

Edit: Adding another example:
I've added a 'shortcuts' option, so once you get used to the options, you can enter a four digit sequence into the first prompt and the items will be sorted. I believe this interface is a good balance between hand-holding for the beginner, and speed/ efficiency for the power user.

Below I use the code to shuffle a deck of cards, and then sort their z-order depth from left to right based on their x-position. I start with a properly sorted deck:

Let me know if/how you use it in the comments, and as always, happy illustrating!