Monday, December 17, 2007

New 'Organify' Flash Interface Panel for CS3

I've updated my 'organify2' flash interface, so if you have the organify2 script, please re-download the package. For your downloading convenience, I've added a new JSX links section to the left of this column. I've changed the name of the swf from 'jpanel' to 'organify2', so you'll need to replace or delete the old jsx and swf files. Notable updates include a cleaner interface and now the "sharpen" icon behaves slightly differently. If you sub-select some points on an object, the first time you click it removes the handles from the selected points only, then if you click again, it removes the connected handles on adjacent points as well. Now, on to my story...

A few weeks ago Nathaniel Kelso sent me a sample of his flash interface for my text alignment script. This inspired me to play with the flash/js4ai interface myself.

Now I can fondly introduce to you the first public release of the 'organify panel!" To install it, just download and unzip the two included files to your CS3 scripts folder and restart illustrator.

Now, when you select the organify2.jsx script (after a foreboding warning confirmation window from Adobe,) you should see a persistent button panel that looks something like this:

The Organify panel allows you to randomize and tweak objects to make them more organic feeling in one way or another. The icons correspond to scripts already on, but they are conveniently encapsulated here in one neat little package.

For the record, they are (from left to right) randomize anchors, randomize control handles, randomize anchors & handles, fleurify, remove handles, vary fill color, vary stroke color, vary stroke thickness, vary alpha, vary visibility, and zoom & center.

Zoom & Center wasn't really part of the 'organify' set, but I decided to add it anyway since I use it all the time, and personally wanted it as a button.

So what can you do with it? Yes, well, I'm hoping you will help me answer that, but here is a quick example I banged out on a uniform field of orange hexagons. Note: aside from the starting hexagons, and the yellow background, I did not use anything but the organify panel to manipulate the artwork.

Let me know what you do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bug Fix: TextTweaker

TextTweaker is patched.
  •     fixed a bug that was causing a pure virtual function call in CS3.
  •     removed the 32 character max limit.

Friday, December 07, 2007

New Script "Fleurify"

This is exciting times script kiddies...

I completed a prototype of a new swf interface panel for some of my scripts based on the one Nathaniel let me have a peek at last week. I should have something up for you CS3'ers out there within a week or so.

Meanwhile, here's a new toy to play with. "Fleurify" (as in 'flower', but all French and fancy sounding) is the "punk & bloat" filter on drugs. I would have named it "knottify", but I couldn't get the paths to interweave. :)

Enjoy, and if you do something (even just sort of) cool with it, I'd love to see.