Tuesday, July 27, 2010


No new scripts from me today, but a lot of cool info.

After a brief email volley with Nathaniel Kelso, I checked out Kelso's Tweet's and he's found some killer posts that I want to remember, so I'm putting them here. Hopefully you might find some value as well.

If you want to export artboards as pngs check this cool  link at hicks design.

Scripting tip here for storing script settings or information in the doc or prefs file, 
Both app and document in CS3 have a  insertLabel() and extractLabel() see the details here.

If you're a fan of EditPlus, Adam Pocs has submitted JS4AI syntax files. Check out the site to grab the syntax files.

Also from Kelso's tweet's, I found a cool scripting tool called ScriptBay on inTools website. Check it here. I'll be playing with it and will post any interesting interactions that occur. That's it for now. Happy Scripting all.