Friday, December 09, 2005

My first Hiccups...

Greetings all. I suppose I should start with a bit of an explination for this blog. Hi I'm John, and among other things, I write javascripts for Illustrator (on the PC). I have a small library I've created over the last year or so, and since it's inception, all my feedback has been positive. Until this week.

This week, two people, Mila and Dee have both contacted me saying that my scripts just flat out fail when run on OSX/CS2.

Dee had trouble with CMYK to PMS, and generously ran some tests for me. Apparently it crashes on v10.3 because 'prompt' wasn't implemented on that version.

The same script works fine on CS, but fails silently in CS2. So much for cross platform...

Mila downloaded my Vary Hues, Light and Shadow, Zoom and Center and Delete Fluff scripts. Zoom and Center works fine, but the other three die silently. I wonder what the common denominator is? Dialogue boxes?

Because of these hicups, I'm creating this to keep people on top of what's happened, and what is happening with my script development.
If you have an idea what's going wrong here, or if you have an idea for a new script contact me via email. My address is in all of my scripts.