Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SelectPathsBySize.jsx UPDATE

Updates in V2

  • More Selections: Rebuilt interface to select objects based on Size, Area, Width, or by Height.
  • Exact Same Size: Added "Exact" option to the "less than" and "more than" radio-buttons (Thanks to Nathaniel for that suggestion)
  • Default Selection: If one object is selected, starts threshold at that size. (Also thanks to Nathaniel's input...)
  • Added Tool Tips: If you mouse-over the dialog elements, you now get helpful tooltips. (Now I just need someone to help me translate them into other languages...)

Download and enjoy!

1 comment:

PAblo said...

I'm gonna be testing it today, allways use Rasterbator to make the halftone and I have to delete all the small dots by hand... this script will save me a lot of time, thanks a lot!