Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Illustrator Always Crashes on Save

OK no, this not a script related post, but it's one that has caused me enough grief to warrant posting here.

Does Illustrator crash on you every time you try to save a document in CS3 or CS4 on windows XP? Fear not, the answer is simple. The answer is here.

In short, if you don't have a print spooler running, Illustrator crashes ... all your work is instantly, and without warning, vaporized.

The sad part is that I've spent months using a half-assed work around where I created a new XP user for whom the files would save fine. (Since it didn't default to the same printer)

I knew there was a simple answer!!! Hope it helps some of you as well!
::Huge sigh of relief::


John said...

Also, just as an end note:

If illustrator locks up on exit, try deleting the AIprefs file and creating a new workspace. Don't know why, but that fixed it for me. Here's a link to the Adobe forum post

John said...

FTA: Here’s how you can check your print spooler.

Go to your start menu. In the search box type services. Your services dialog will open. Scroll down to Print Spooler.

Alex said...

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Gemma said...

Just for people running XP (rather than Vista), if you're having this problem go to Start > Run > services.msc and then your Services dialogue comes up, THEN follow the rest. The start menu in XP is different to Vista!