Thursday, July 21, 2011

Showcase: Scott Daris

Hey All,

I got a wonderful email from Scott Daris, a graphic designer who is using my scripts for a variety of designs ranging from editorial illustration to non-profit work. Upon request, Scott was kind enough to send me some examples of his work.

I like seeing what people do with my scripts, and hopefully you do too, because I'm posting them here.

Scott used vary_hues.js to quickly turn this collection of grey blocks:

...into this one:

In his words:
I used it for quickly colorizing the squares in the buildings for a little editorial illustration. I know you can achieve this effect in other ways, such as object mosaic, Recolor Artwork, etc, but your script was great because I quickly did a bunch of them, automatically randomizing the colors so each one was different, and then just picked my favorite one. Easy!

Scott is also a fan of textTweaker.js, which he used as a starting point to add a playful feel to the typography below, creating cool blocks of text that ooze with personality.

I hope these use cases inspire you, as they inspire me, to create something new.


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