Monday, June 13, 2011

Connect the Dots II

Hiroyuki posted an update to the connect the dots script, which sets a maximum difference between connectors. 

This allows for some REALLY COOL stuff.

I found a copy of a voronoi stipple program similar to the one mentioned, which makes VECTOR pointallized svgs using the command line. (these CAN absolutely be loaded by Illustrator) 

The advanced options didn't seem to work for me on initial try, but after opening a 'cmd' window and navigating to the containing folder, the following ran fine, although it took about 3 minutes to finish.

voronoi.exe test.png out.svg

I also ran across a really neat way to take things a step further using a Traveling Salesman Solver python script for Inkscape at the EvilMadScience site. I didn't try this one because I don't have inkscape installed, but after seeing that you can write scripts for it in python, I might just take it for a whirl...

Anyway, cool art abounds. I am in awe. 

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