Saturday, June 03, 2006

Scripting is fun

I got an email from Aubanel MONNIER of Esterel Technologies who asked my permission to host a new "Stick to CMYK Palette" script which he modified from my "Randomize Colors" script.

He asked about my copyright arrangement, and it made me think a bit more about it. I do this for fun, but have been a bit lax about uniformity. I think in the near future I will create a template for the top of all my scripts, and then use PERL (I mean Perl... ) to extract it for display on my main JS4AI page.

It was cool to get another email about a script though.
I love to see what other people do with my scripts.

I'm doing a lot of scripting now, but it's all internal company stuff, so it's nothing the general public can appreciate, still I'm having a lot of fun making people's jobs easier, and as I work, my library grows, so who knows what will come of it...
I got another email last week about Wolfgang Resel's "DeEmbed" script. I sent him an email, and he quickly fixed it. The good news is that, in the process of tracking him down, I found the new link to all the JS archives on and updated the link on the bottom of my page. It was cool to see my name and work on a total strangers site. :)


Randal L. Schwartz said...

I'm pretty sure you're not using PERL, which is described at as Protecting Escarpment Rural Lands. Perhaps you're using the programming language called Perl instead?

John said...

'Pwned' by the MAN himself.

I'm honored that my BLOG ..( Uh, I mean 'blog'..) is honored by your visitaton Randal, even under the repremanding circumstances...

Although I've heard quite a few wonderful reverse-engineered Perl acronyms floating about the web, I am not blameless, since I could easily have just glanced at the stack of O'Reily's books on my desk.

My mistake ... won't happen again. I promise. :)