Monday, February 04, 2008

New Script: "Select Replicated Text"

Hi All,
I got request from M. Prabudass of Chennai India asking if I could write something to remove duplicate/overlapping text fields.

Manually testing and removing the dupes would've been a major pain in the butt, so I wrote this to help him out. If you've experienced the same problem, then maybe it can help you too.

Check it out on my scripts page here.


Helder said...

Hi, can't make it work for me...

I select several duplicated text objects and it always says 0 found duplicates.

Any idea?

Thank you,
Helder Luis

Helder said...

Also your link doesn't work... i found the .js digging through the url ; )

John said...

Sorry Helder, my server got migrated, and some of my pages got hosed. I'm looking in to it now. If you want help with the script, then email me a copy of the file you're having problems with, I'll be happy to take a look. The site should be back up within the hour.